This was all provided footage.The concept was originally text on a screen and longer script. I suggested we move to voiceover, rewrote the script myself, hired the voice actor, and directed, recorded, and edited the voiceover recording. 

This video was done with entirely provided content, other than music. Direction was limited to include the one key interview and to tell why SMART supports this project. 

Everything in this one was done by me, with the exception of the photos. Helped write and direct the voiceover.

Interviews and voice over shot and recorded by me. There is a mixture of stock footage and graphics as well graphics done by me. I helped script this one.

For the last four years it's been a Christmas tradition to surprise members by paying bills. The is shot entirely on cell phones and the footage delivered to me to compile into something that makes everyone cry because it's so darn beautiful!

Shot and edited entirely by me, this features the story of a Chinook Financial small business member.

Tear-jerker warning! For Connect First Credit Union's 2017 employee awards, I shot and edited this interview I conducted with a member who nominated the Chinook Financial Member Choice Award winner; Tania, the Clareholm branch manager. 

This video features the story of a First Calgary Financial small business member. The footage of the bus going down the highway and the campfire were provided by them, but the rest was shot and edited by myself.

In 2014 First Calgary Financial and Chinook Credit Union merged to form Connect First Credit Union. This video was instrumental in getting our employees and members to vote yes, and was one component that contributed us winner IABC's Gold Quill Award for excellence in business communication. This is a mix of footage I shot, interviews I conducted, and some stock footage. 

Below are some examples of branding and design work I have done across a variety of mediums over the past year or so.